5 Critical Signs You Need Emergency Roof Repair

The roof of your house requires as much maintenance as any other appliance in your house. Anything wrong with the roof should be tended to immediately. Extreme weather conditions can certainly damage your roof and make your house a disaster in rain or snow. Roofing services may take some time to reach you due to high demand. You may seek temporary roof maintenance before getting professional repair services. Therefore, you need to look for the following signs in your roof that might need emergency roof repair.

Sign # 1- Sunlight in Attic:

If you notice sunlight coming in your attic when the sun is directly overhead then it means that there are leaks in your roof. Look for small leaks in your roof to inspect the potential damage because, from these leaks, water will also make its way into the attic.Roof discoloration

Sign # 2- Discoloration in Internal Ceilings:

Massive rainfalls can cause leaks in the roofs. If you notice discoloration or water stains on your roof, then certainly there is roof leakage. If you continue to face bad weather over the days, then the roof leak would grow in size and would let water into your internal ceilings. Constant rainfall is likely to cause dripping in your internal ceilings. As soon as the rain gets lighter, perform an emergency roof repair and prevent the house from any further damage.

Sign # 3- Curled, Cupped or Falling Shingles:

Another way to check if your roof is leaking or need a repair is to look at the conditions of your roof shingles. If they are curled or cupped, then it means they need to be replaced. You might also find shingles falling on the ground which could be a sign that your roof has been damaged. This could happen because of high winds or incorrect installation. Look out for such signs to prevent any damage to the house.

Sign # 4- Walls with Peeled Paints or Moisture:

Water leakage also damages the walls and eventually the paint starts to peel off. Make sure to keep on checking your walls for any water torrents. An immediate roof leak repair would help in preventing water from damaging the walls. However, once the bad weather dies down, immediately seek professional help to fix roof leak.

Sign # 5- External Roof Damage:

During the passages of light rain, keep on checking your house exterior to point out any leaky roof. There is a high possibility that in case of strong storms, the roofing material might give in, hence, repeated inspections are a necessity. 


4 Emergency Roof Leak Repair: Temporary Solutions

Most of the time, the roof starts to leak during heavy rainfall or hailstorms and it is impossible to have it repaired immediately. However, in such scenarios, leaving the leaking roof alone is not a good idea at all. If you can not access professional help immediately, here are some quick fixes for emergency roof repair that is likely to help tide you over for the time being: plastic tarp roof

i. Using a Plastic Tarp:

If you are able to identify the position of the leak and you have a plastic tarp lying around, then here is a quick roof leak repair for you. Spread the tarp over the area from where water is leaking and stretch it. Secure its edges with nails to hold it tightly and add some cement on the top of nailheads to prevent any new leaks. This is a temporary fix that can help you until you get professional roofers.

ii. Straightening Curled Shingles:

If the roof leak is because of the curled shingles, then you can flatten them back out to fix your roof. Straighten out the shingles gently. Apply cement to the undersides of the edges and fix them back into their place. Mostly when shingles start to curl, it is because they have completed their lifespan. It is best to get them replaced as soon as you can seek roofers.

iii. Making Shingles:

If you see missing shingles is the cause of roof leak, then you can make them as well. Take a sheet metal and trim it according to the size and shape of the shingle. Slide it in the row of shingles with metal sheet’s bottom edge lining up with the bottom edges of the shingles on either side. Drive roofing nails to fix it in its place and add cement on top of the nailheads. This could help you to keep out the rain until professional help arrives.

iv. Black Tar:

Sometimes due to wet weather, it is not possible to have your roof repaired immediately. The best solution is using a black tar roof patch and painting it on the leaking part. Black tar can work in wet conditions and fill up any holes or gaps in your roof. This quick-fix can surely work until you get your roof permanently repaired.


What to do before Professional Roofers Arrive?

The roofers will fix your roof with the best equipment but here’s what you should do before professional help arrives: 

✔ Call for professional help immediately. When you get the confirmation that the repair team is on their way, move on to the next steps.

✔ Move items or your belongings from the place where your roof is leaking. If you do not want your valuables to get damaged, move them to a dry place to clear the way for the roofers to do their job. 

✔ It might sound insane but it is also a necessary step. Poke hole into the ceiling where the leak is to prevent the water from weighing down the ceiling. Use a screwdriver to poke a hole that would release the water pooling on the roof immediately and prevent extreme damage. 

✔ Stretch out a tarp on the roof from where it is leaking. Now let’s wait for the professional help. 


Final Word

Leaking roofs are very common when there are strong hailstorm or rainfalls. Knowing how to conduct an emergency roof leak repair is extremely important. Sometimes it is impossible to see roof damage from the ground, therefore, get regular professional roofing inspections from the Chicago roofing specialist to avoid any serious damages.

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