Does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks and damages?

An all-perils insurance policy usually covers the cost of roof replacement only if it is damaged due to an act of nature. For both homeowners and insurance companies, the roof is an important part of the house. Exposed to all kinds of acts of nature, the roof is a gateway for greater damages within the house. Insurance companies have now become very cautious in providing insurance and also in accepting roofing claims. Some insurance companies do not provide or refuse to renew insurance policies on houses with roofs older than 20 years. In this regard, you have to be highly careful while choosing your roofing contractors.

Natural Disasters

Natural calamities and climates affect the roof the most among all other parts of the house. It is also the part that protects the whole house. In cooler areas, the roofs experience ice storms and heavy snowfall. In tropical areas, it has to witness winds of greater force. If there is damage to the roof, it is likely to cause further damages to the house. However, the damage caused to the roof by an act of nature is likely to be covered by the insurance company. Depending on the extent of damage, the roof might qualify for a total or partial replacement.

General Maintenance

The insurance companies have become strict regarding roofing insurance claims. Some insurance companies are not providing home insurance to an older home or specifically to those houses where roofs have not been replaced for a long time. Therefore, it is in the hands of a homeowner to maintain the roof over time to avoid any costly repairs. Insurance companies are likely to cover the damages caused to the house by a leaking or damaged roof but would not repair or replace the roof. 

Preventions/ Inspections

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Take all the steps necessary to prevent extensive roof damage. Hire professional roofing service to conduct an inspection of your home from time to time. Make sure your home and roof design are in accordance with the climate of the area you are living in. Trim trees that are hanging over your house and clean the debris from the roof. Make sure that gutters are clear and water is flowing freely. Checking up on these things from time to time can certainly decrease the chances of roof damage or roof replacement. 

For Roof Replacement Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance companies consider roofs that are more than 20 years old to have completed their life. If damaged, the companies only provide partial payment to make repairs or for roof replacement. Other reasons for not paying for roof damages are negligence or the use of certain expensive roofing materials prohibited in their policies. In order to file a claim for roof replacement, the best option is to contact the insurance company for an inspection. Collect as many documents regarding the repairs you got done, copy of home insurance, receipts, and before-after photos of the damaged area. These will help you in backing up your claim with proper evidence. 

5 Tips for Saving Roof Replacement Costs

1. Conduct some research regarding what type of roof is suitable for your house and how much is your budget. Contact a contractor and consult him for the size of the roof and roofing materials.

2. Do not go to one shop and buy the materials you need. Rather shop around and get quotes for your roof from different roofers. Ensure that the roofers are reliable and give warranty of the roofing materials. 

3. Plan your roof replacement in either late winter or spring as the roofers are busiest in late summer and fall seasons. Also, when you get a roof replacement in off-seasons, you are likely to get a discount. 

4. If you are fit and have the right equipment, try doing some of the hard work yourself to save money before contractors arrive for actual work. 

5. If there are missing or broken shingles, consider an overlay. Installing new shingles over the old ones is called overlay, it helps in reducing labor costs and is also cheap as compared to full roof replacement. However, an overlay is not a long term solution and in the future, you may see the need for roof replacement. 

Final Words

Delaying the inspection of your home and roofs may cost you a lot of money and risk to the lives of your loved ones. One important thing to keep in mind is if you think or see some damage to the roof, you can contact King Builders and Services, we are leading roof leak repair service provider and known as few of top Chicago roofing specialist. We can help you asses the damage as soon as possible for emergency roof repair. After making an assessment, contact the insurance companies to have an official inspection done. This will help in avoiding further damages to your roof, house, and wallet. 

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