How to do Various Types of Siding Maintenance

Proper siding maintenance mostly requires little work for maintenance especially when they are designed for an occasional hit of a football or when trees or bushes brush up against it. Contact a siding repair contractor in case of damaged sidings. However, there are certain ways in which you can take care of your siding and keep it in good shape. 

1. Vinyl Siding Upkeep

Vinyl siding does not require much maintenance every now and then, however, if a piece of siding begins to come loose, it must be fixed immediately. If siding bents or curves due to the wind then it would not go back to its original shape. 

Before or after summer, a power wash is good for vinyl sidings as power washing removes the spiders and other insects found in the small ledges in the stair-steps of siding. A good power wash will also clean the dirt on sidings. 

2. Wood Siding Maintenance

Maintenance of a wood siding depends upon the nature of elements in your area, for instance, in states with mountains, wood siding maintenance is more often. However, in temperate climates, maintenance is required less often. Maintenance of wood siding includes pressure washing of sidings and windows after. 

3. Wood Siding Repair

Moisture and pests get inside your wood siding when there are holes and cracks in it. Hence, always get the underlying problem fixed first before the repair of wood siding. 

Different types of sidings have different repair methods but most are fairly easy to repair. Once your siding is repaired, you can help in maintaining it by re-nailing loose sheathing, replacing rotted elements and patching any holes or gaps in the underlying surface.

Siding contractors require special equipment to reach higher stories if you have a multiple-story house. The problems should be identified before beginning the process of repair. Removal of siding is a difficult job and requires professional supervision hence it is best to leave it in the hands of siding contractors.

4. Stucco Siding Maintenance

Woodpeckers mostly attack stucco sidings and leave holes in it. Fix them immediately. Stucco siding is penetrable and if a tree sap or mold grows, it can spread very quickly. Work on your stucco siding once or twice a year and remove the stains that are beginning to form. Degreaser and bleach might work well to treat a stain, however, test them on a discrete spot before using them all over the siding.

5. Metal Siding Maintenance

If a metal siding begins to rust, the best course of action is to scrape off the rust and coat the siding with a sealant so the rust won’t spread. Scraping and repainting metal siding preserves its life if the original paint starts to peel off. You do not need to paint the whole house if you are working on a tight budget, just fix where it is needed and you are good to go.


Services of Siding Repairs at King Builders

King Builders and Services can handle all siding maintenance services, from repairing damaged pieces to complete siding replacements. Your home’s siding serves two key purposes:  It protects the structure from harmful elements and it definitely sets the tone and style of the house. Good quality siding should last for many years as well as create a pleasing “aesthetics” for your home. We carefully choose our team with the best in the business. We can handle the trickiest trim details so you get the crisp, new look you expect from your siding investment.

Contractors at King Builders can tackle all the siding installation and other home maintenance items on your “To-Do” list. Call the best service for siding installation Chicago has to offer to get estimates and repairs scheduled today!

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