How to stop wood rot and dry rot from damaging my home?

Dry rot issue is a common occurrence in homes however, the need for rot repair can be reduced by taking some preventive measures. There are some things you can do to lessen the extent of wood rot and dry rot to your homes.

Annual inspections of wood used in homes can help in identifying dry rot and wood rot at an early stage and prevent it from spreading further. The use of right wood, sealants, and paint can certainly help in reducing wood rot and dry rot. 

Exterior wood can last longer with annual maintenance, for instance removing twigs and seeds and some water-smart designs. With such measures, wood rot and dry rot would not be much of a problem for you.

Where to look for Rotten Wood?

It is important to identify the place of water damage in its initial stages. You can look for rotten wood in places like bases of window sills and door frames. Eaves can also be the target of water damages if gutters are not working properly. You can also notice any stains or leakages on the interior of roofs or walls which could indicate water leakages in roof.

What are the causes of Dry Rot?

Dry Rot is caused by a fungus which mostly targets wood that touches the ground. If you have identified a wood rot problem, you can use wood putty to either replace it or repair it. If the problem is not a leaky roof or gutters then it can be door or window frames or handrails. You can also build slight pitches so that rainwater can flow away from the wood and fall to the ground.


What type of seasonal maintenance can prevent rotten wood?

Have you noticed peeling paint or surfaces with cracks or stains that have faded in your home? Small seasonal measures can be taken to repair these damages before it is too late. Joints and seams of outdoor wood structures must be checked from time to time. You can use caulk to seal joints or seams from leakages and use acrylic latex caulk to lock out moisture. Visible damage to siding must be resolved as it keeps the moisture away from the house’s exterior wood structure and interior wallboards.

Services of Wood Rot Repair and Dry Rot Repair at King Builders

King Builders’ veteran residential contractors have the expertise of inspecting rot in homes and provide repairing services with the right lumber and sealants. We have a team always ready to arrive and perform seasonal maintenance to protect the soundness and value of your home. 

Contractors at King Builders can tackle all the important home repair and improvement items on your “To-Do” list.

Call your local technician to get estimates and get repairs scheduled today!


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