Is Gutter Cleaning Part Of Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist?

Gutter cleaning is an important aspect of your house that should be on your seasonal home maintenance checklist. It requires your attention every once in a while. If you neglect it, you could cause serious damage to your property. It is better to prevent any damage from happening rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on repairing or replacing it. There are many professional gutter cleaning service providers that can help you with your fall home maintenance checklist. Here is why you need to get your gutters cleaned before fall arrives:

fall gutter cleaningI. As summer passes by and fall’s at the door, there is a possibility that your gutters are clogged from the debris of storms, wind, rain and from overgrown trees that cover your house. It is important to hire a gutter cleaning service to clean up from the gutters to keep them in proper working conditions for the rest of the season. If the issue of clogged gutters is not addressed on time, it can cause serious damage to the foundation of your house.

II. Hire a gutter cleaning service to get your gutters inspected before the next season starts. Summers paves way for fall, which brings hurricanes and other storms with it, and the winter might destroy the gutter system with its continuously dropping temperatures. Hence, get your gutters cleaned before a new season to ward off the threats that new seasons bring with them.

III. Professionals get super busy with changing seasons. Better to book them before they get too busy and your gutters might not be ready for what next season brings.

Skipping a Seasonal Gutter Cleaning? Think Again!

1- Interior Damage to your Home

Gutters are installed to keep water away from the foundations of your home. If you have clogged gutters, it can lead to water overflows and spills. With time, the water seeps its way into your house and might damage your walls and roof. If not addressed on time, you might find the mold and rot inside your house which is a serious health concern as well.

2- Flooding in the Basement

Another reason for gutter cleaning to take place on your seasonal maintenance checklist is the basement flooding. The clogged gutters will not drive away water through pipes rather the water will spill over and start to form a pool on the ground. It might start leaking into your basement and cause damage to it. It is very costly to pump water out of your basement. Therefore, taking precautions is surely a better way to save money.

3- Fascia and Gutter Damage

Other than causing damage to the interior of your house, clogged gutters can damage themselves as well. If they get bent or warped, it can cause water leakage and only a professional can repair them. Fascia is what gutters get mounted to and with the weight of excess water, they may cause damage.

4- Cracks in Home’s Foundations

Mostly water is the main cause of cracks in the foundations of your home. When water overflows and starts forming a pool on the ground, it freezes in the dropping temperatures of winters. Freezing water expands around 9% causing serious concerns for home foundations. Therefore, rather than spending a lot of money to repair the cracks, get your gutters cleaned before winters.

5- Pest Infestation

Nature has a way of finding their way into your homes. And one of the ways through which they can get in is through clogged gutters. Your clogged gutter is an attractive place for bees, bugs, and rodents to create their nests. They are not only dangerous health-wise but can also find their way into the house and damage your belongings. Therefore, seasonal gutter cleaning is quite essential if you intend to keep your place bug and rodent-free.

6- Ice Dams

During winter, the temperature continues to drop and the chances of water being frozen increase. Lower temperatures can make clogged gutter freeze. Frozen gutters require a lot of effort, and time to fix and are also costly. Icicles are not only dangerous but they are also a safety hazard.

7- Inconvenience and Discomfort in Your Home

A home is supposed to provide comfort and a sense of security when you step into it. But if you have clogged gutters, you might find mold and mildew starting to build up in your house. Mold and mildew might also infect your drinking water which is a huge health concern. You should be able to live comfortably in your home. You should not have the fear of being drenched in overflowing water or hit by an icicle when stepping out of your house.

8- Water Leakages in Roof

Gutters drive water away from the house through pipes. Clogged gutters would not route water away, therefore you need to have seasonal gutter maintenance done. The gutters guide the flow of rainwater from the roof to the ground but with clogged gutters, the rainwater remains on the roof and may cause roof damage. Serious roof damage can result in mold and rotting.

9- Decreasing Value of your Home

Clogged gutters might cause damage to the interior as well to the exterior of your home. This damage might result in the decreasing value of your home. Leaking roofs, cracks in foundations, pests, and molds are all a serious concern and difficult to resolve. It is better to not ignore them and call a professional gutter cleaning service or do it yourself before they get out hand.

10- Flooded Garden Beds and Yard

Your clogged gutters will eventually destroy your garden beds. The excess water will spill over and start gathering in the garden beds. Also, level your yard, otherwise the overflowing water might start gathering in the lower areas. It might be expensive to call for landscaping services and get water out of the yard and garden beds. 

Final Word

Do you think you need a thorough inspection of your gutters or have spotted a clogged gutter? Call experts from local gutter cleaning services. Experts can provide many services and can also give you advice on seasonal home maintenance. They have the right gutter cleaning tools for every situation and can also guidance. Never ignore the gutters, either call professional gutter cleaners or do it yourself.

Call and book a FREE inspection by one of the best gutter cleaning services Chicago is offering before the season changes and they get all booked up. You surely would not want to be last on their list to get their services. Hurry Up then!

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