The Ultimate Gutter and Roof Maintenance Checklist

It is quite common to take your gutter and roof for granted until the day a severe problem occurs and it is too late then. An annual or seasonal preventive maintenance of your gutter and roof can prevent a leaking roof or costly damages. This gutter and roof maintenance checklist is likely to help you in pointing out problems before it too late.

Taking a walk on the roof to point out problems or potential damages is certainly not a good idea. It is better to use a ladder and a set of binoculars to focus on damaged areas(even better to hire local roofing contractors). Before you decide to take matters into your own hands, ask yourself if you are suitable to complete this job or if it is safe to walk on your roof. There is a big risk of injuring yourself if your roof is steep or moldy. 

Let’s start with some gutter maintenance tips.

Spotting Gutter Problems

To look for issues in your gutters, check it from above and below. From below, you can look for:

    → Sagging spots

    → Rusty areas

    → Holes in guttering

    → Missing or weak supports

    → Loose screws and nails

    → Damage on drainage pipes

Also, take a close look around your gutters and drainage pipes on the ground. If there are signs of erosion, it is probably because your guttering or pipes are faulty. Gutters are designed in a way to take water away from the foundations of your home. If the guttering or pipes are faulty, then it might damage your home. 

When leaves, debris or dirt gather around your gutters, that’s when the problem starts. Give your guttering a thorough inspection from all sides of the house with the help of a ladder or if required call roofing contractors nearby. If you spot leaves or debris, then it is time for a thorough gutter cleaning to prevent further damage to guttering.

Easy Steps for Gutter Maintenance 

    Step # 1: Scoop out debris

    Step # 2: Clear the gutters of empty nests

    Step # 3: Clean the gutter using a scrub brush and soap

    Step # 4: Look for holes, bends and rust damage

    Step # 5: Repair leaks in gutters

    Step # 6: Install new equipment if needed


Pro Tip

 Keep a complete gear of gutter cleaning tools at home and schedule
a bi-annual cleaning to spare yourself from the trouble of clogged gutters.


Roofing Problems

When you have decided to go up on the ladder and check your guttering, one other thing you should do is check your roofing as well. Some of the common problems that might occur to your roofing are: 

    ⇒ Cracked or curling shingles needing to be replaced

    ⇒ Missing or broken tiles on the roof needing to be replaced

    ⇒ Metal roofing that is rusting which can either be repaired or replaced if there is extensive rusting

Roofs usually have sealants or flashing around them which can cause major problems when the roofing material needs to be repaired or replaced through a thorough roof cleaning. Therefore, look for:


    ⇒ Cracked caulking

    ⇒ Cracked or chipped concrete or mortar

    ⇒ Cracked or worn “boots” (sealed areas) around vent pipes and other roof attachments

After looking for roof damages on your ladder, take a look around the house for peeling paint under roof overhangs. Since peeling paint can be a sign that the moisture is seeping its way through your roofing or guttering and damaging your home, be very vigilant.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Here are some roof maintenance tips from experts.

    Step # 1: Step Visual inspections of shingles

    Step # 2: Clear the debris on roof

    Step # 3: Wash your roof

    Step # 4: Look for signs of moisture and leak in attic & ceilings

    Step # 5: Cut off any overhanging tree branches

    Step # 6: Inspect chimney for cracks or damage

Pro Tip:

Maintain a record of the overall condition of your roof
with details of inspections.


Conclusion: Guttering and Roof Maintenance

If your house requires a guttering or roof cleaning, then you should think about it before taking matters into your own hands. The problem might be a small one but if not fixed properly, it can create costly damages. Therefore, it is always a better idea to call the Chicago roofing service. The gutter and roof cleaning services provided by experts would fix the foundation of your problem and also repair areas that you may have not noticed. To get all of your repairs done at the same time is less costly than calling for roof repair specialist every now and then. Once the repairs are done, you will have the confidence that your guttering and roof can survive anything now. 

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