Your Complete DIY Gutter Maintenance Guide.

Gutter maintenance is an important part of home cleaning. Gutters are the collection system, on the edge of the roof. They are designed to change the direction of water to the drainpipe. Without a proper gutter system, the water would run off the roof in curtains. 

Unfortunately, gutters are also a great place for leaves, twigs, and dirt. So, it becomes imperative to clean the gutters to avoid clogging. As an essential part of your seasonal home maintenance checklist, gutter cleaning needs priority attention. This article will give some useful gutter cleaning tips and suggestions.

To prevent disasters and keep your home clean, here is a guide to well-maintained gutters with minimal fuss.

1. Timing

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year. Once in early Spring and once during the Autumn. Of course, the frequency of cleaning very much depends on the situation.

However, it is difficult to clean a wet gutter. So, wait until the gutter is dry. Because the wetter the debris is, the harder it will be removed.

2. Safety

Certainly, using a ladder is far safer than doing so from the roof. Make sure to use a ladder with proper support. 

Most importantly, however, don’t feel the need to reach out too far. As this can lead to tragedy. The safest way to operate is by dragging the ladder side by side. 

3. Get That Gunk

Wear the most comfortable and sturdy pair of gloves. Use a small trowel and scoop out the debris. Begin where the drainpipe starts and work all across section by section. Once the gutter gunk is clear, use a hose to flush the remaining debris. Check if the water is running clear and steadily through the drainpipe.

What Tools Will You Need?

Gutter cleaning tools include;

  • Towel
  • Sturdy Ladder
  • Wire hooks
  • Buckets
  • A garden hose with a nozzle
  • Protective wear such as safety glasses, work gloves, etc.
  • A good pair of shoes

Shoes like sandals, flip-flops or even bare feet can make it easier to slip off the ladder. Call a professional or family member while working on a ladder. Also, be careful when working near power lines and try to avoid them.

Safety Tips:

  1. Use a step ladder on solid level ground. Don’t climb above the second to last step.
  2. For two-story homes, use an extension ladder. Make sure the ladder is stable or someone is holding it.

Six Simple Cleaning Steps To Follow

You can choose to DIY gutter cleaning to cut down gutter cleaning costs or call for professional help, depending on the condition of your gutters. Seasonal gutter maintenance checklist includes the following steps;

1st Step

Use two buckets for gutter cleaning to make your job easier;

  • One for gathering debris
  • Other for carrying tools

Carry them one at a time and hook them to the ladder.

2nd Step 

Begin the process with the cleaning. Start near the drainpipe. Wear a pair of gloves. Pull out any clumps. Clean up any large debris such as twigs and leaves. Use a trowel to clean out smaller or packed-in material.

3rd Step

Remove and clean any drain pipe strainers. Strainers are simple add-ons to your gutter. Drain pipes systems eliminate or reduce clogging in your pipes. They are simple to install and prevent large debris from clogging. These are highly recommended because of their handy use.

It is difficult to clean a wet gutter. So, wait until the gutter is dry.
The wetter the debris is, the harder it is to clean.

4th Step

Once the debris is removed, wash out the remains with a hose. You can also use a gutter cleaning attachment.

5th Step

If the water does not drain, there is probably a clog that you need to remove. For underground gutters, you have to remove the drain pipe bottom end. Temporarily remove some of the bands, which is done with a simple screwdriver. If the drainpipe is above ground, then there is no need to remove any parts. Set the nozzle of the hose at full pressure. Turn on the water then, feed the hose up from the bottom of the spout. Use an electrician or plumber’s snake if the clog is still not clear. 

6th Step

As the drainpipe is unclogged, flush the entire gutter one more time from the other end. This will clean out all the rest of the debris. Make sure the drainpipe is working properly.

Additional Tips

  1. To avoid standing water, the gutter should be sloped correctly.
  2. The length should decline ¼ inch every ten feet toward the drain pipe. 
  3. Detach the hangers to adjust the gutter to drain properly, then reattach.
  4. Adjusting your gutters is a quick and simple task. It requires only a screwdriver. 
  5. Furthermore, if there is any gutter leak, you can easily fix them but when the gutter is dry.
  6. For leaks at the seams, make sure that gutter lengths are tight against each other.
  7. Apply gutter sealant on all of the joints.
  8. For leaks at the end caps, seal inside and around the entire cap.

Let’s Sum It Up

Gutter cleaning is a quick and easy process. Follow this simple guide for gutter maintenance. It does not require a lot of time and skill. This will protect your home from water damage. Get connected with one of the best gutter cleaning services Chicago IL has to offer. Professional contractors at King Builders can take care of all your gutter maintenance tasks.


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